What's Next?

A Free, 5-Day journey For PURPOSE-DRIVEN  WOMEN ready to confidently discover What's Next For their Life story

Ever feel like you've fallen out of touch with the life you were supposed to be living. . .  

like all your goals and dreams somehow got suffocated by the day-in and day-out of life. . .  

like you've lost all focus and every ounce of power over figuring out what's next?


If  wondering "What's Next?" has been holding you back, this is your time to finally break through.  

join the 5-day journey now!

Here's what you'll get when you join 

1 email prompt + quick video each day (for 5 days)

Story-driven tools that help you uncover your values + empower reflection, honesty, and discussion

Invitations for personal, one-on-one follow-ups

Clarity on how the life you've already lived matters to the life you've been uniquely created for

Insights and exercises that will equip you to create your Anchor Statement. This Anchor Statement will guide you throughout any situation. It will keep you focused, aligned, and confident -- no matter what happens to be next in your life or in your brand. 

What's Next? invites you to trade all your confusion & overwhelm for direction, meaning, and anchor-deep purpose. 

The What's Next? Action Guide is a 5-day journey where we'll work together to peer deep into what you WANT -- for your life, for your business, or for your next new thing.

You'll use prompts, journals and story-driven tools each week, and as you're learning how to (re)write your story, you'll also discover deep, human truths, community, connection, and meaning so you can boldly and confidently step into the life story you were meant to live.

When you sign up today, you'll also receive. . . 


DAY ONE focuses on the one driving question of everyone's story, and it shows you how to identify the areas in your life that are bringing you the most meaning.


DAY TWO shows you how something as simple as a timeline can deliver profound insights into your past, your present, and your future. 


DAY THREE helps you use your timeline to identify the exact moment that your sacred beliefs began to form. It's here, in this looking back, that you're able to understand more fully how you are uniquely designed and created. You're able to find your natural strengths and your natural weaknesses, and you gain clarity and insight as to why you may struggle with certain emotions or feel drawn to specific paths. 


DAY FOUR challenges you to think through one moment in your own life where your idea of the sacred was threatened, and it helps you see how that threat (and your response to it) directly impacts your answer to the question, What's Next?.

DAY Five

DAY FIVE culminates in your anchor statement - this is the one thing you’ll come back to again and again as you're making big decisions, pivoting your business, or building your team. 
It’s the statement that will keep you grounded, aligned and always on course. And it will serve as your north star whenever you begin to ask yourself "What’s Next?".