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A few weeks ago, I permanently closed my business Instagram account.  It was a decision I had been mulling over for months, but like a kid who can never escape the social pressures of junior high, I kept tuning in, kept playing the social capital game, kept trying to fit in to the Millennial-powered platform, […]

Why I left Instagram (as a business owner)

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Live your values.   👆🏽Those three words =  the present-day mantra of every influencer, every corporation, every brand, and every thought leader.  While this should feel refreshing to someone who makes her living helping women business owners discover and live out their values, I’m actually a little concerned >> because while the rallying cry is for everyone to live […]

How to create your brand’s values

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With all its resolutions and its “words of the year” and its best intentions, the turn of a new year can feel overwhelming for lots of us. . . especially in a year like 2021.  Completely transparent: It’s been a smidge hard for me to step into any mode of excitement or expectation for the […]

The one question to ask NOW if you want to discover your purpose

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On Saturday, the fam and I caught a 9 PM showing of 1917.   For just under two hours, we traveled into a century-old story about war and friendship. And as we sat there, watching the near one-shot tale teach us everything we’d ever need to know about unfathomable loss and unbelievable courage, I’m not sure any […]

4 easy-to-use tools for a better brand story

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