so you can get to business building the right brand.

to help you start asking the right questions

A single-episode podcast designed 

A single-episode podcast designed to help you ask the right questions so you can start building the right brand. 
 Can we Just have a heart-to-heart conversation?  

If you've got 10 minutes to give yourself + your brand, here's what you'll learn. . . 

The 4 types of values your brand is living out (and why knowing the difference between the 4 types matters in a BIG WAY)

The ONE question you can start asking yourself TODAY if you want to build a brand that feels good and does good

What you have to be willing to do IF you want to be a brand that leads with your values

The difference between DISCOVERING your values and IMAGINING them (and why so many brands get stuck at imagining)

One simple method that will help you move beyond the surface level answers you too often settle for


"Work with Lindsay if you want to create a brand that stands for somethng. . . "

It takes more than new photos and a fresh new logo to stand out in today's competitive landscape. It takes courageous leadership, bold action, and a one-of-a-kind brand that rises above all the noise. 

How do you get the type of clarity and direction you need? You work with one of the top leaders in the online marketing industry. Lindsay f*ckin' Hotmire. There's no one like her. 

Lindsay is the go-to visionary who's demanding more from brands, and won't settle for mediocrity, formulas, and copycats. 

Work with Lindsay if you want to create a brand that stands for something, connects in a deep way, and moves through this world like nothing before.

I can't recommend Lindsay enough. She's the real-deal in a world full of wannabees.

Kira hug, co-founder, the copywriter club

"I doubted we would ever find the right person. I was so wrong!"

I'm really impressed with Lindsay's ability to act as part of our team and still maintain her objectivity and focus as our content marketing consultant, as well as our copywriter. Our market and situation are unique, and to be honest, I doubted we would ever find the right person. I was so wrong!

Jennie Marlow, 1Body Inc.

"Lindsay stands out from the rest and won't give a cookie-cutter solution. "

She will create work that's unique to you. . . Our questions were answered about how to move forward and what areas to focus on, again, clearly and concisely. We were heard. We were understood. We were amazed, relieved, and excited. If you're thinking about working with Lindsay, our advice is DO IT. 

Lauren majors, sonder health

"Lindsay is willing to adapt to the needs of her clients with an ease and flow. "

Lindsay is a brilliant writer. She listens well and leans into complex content in a way that flushes out the deepest part of what the client is trying to say. I know I can depend on her depth of knowledge, her grace, and her willingness to generate the best possible outcome for me and my clients.

Sharon Spano, Strategic Business Consultant & Executive Leadership Coach