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It can be so hard to step back from the expected narrative of our lives, and even easier to describe ourselves with language that feels safe and proven.

But what might happen if you take just a moment to really think about the characters, the themes, the individual moments, and the conversations in your life>> the ones that have made life super hard and the ones that have made life super beautiful?

How to tell a better brand story

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Whether you’ve seen it in the flesh or not, the truth is pretty indisputable: We’ve all stood up against the Should Monster ( at least once or twice in our lives).  Not sure you know who she is? Lemme give you a formal introduction.  She’s the hairy-eyed beast more fierce than Grendel’s mom in Beowulf.  […]

Meet the Should Monster: How she’s getting in the way of your authenticity

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One of THE HARDEST parts about writing your own brand story is getting far enough away from your own nose. It’s hard to see past your own perspective. Even harder to silence the long-running narrative in your head that might not be 100% accurate.

Why your brand story needs a character analysis tool

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When you use the Character Analysis with your own brand story, you get to bust past the messy mental blocks that love to show up when you try to talk about yourself.

You get to find pieces of your story that say something powerful.

You get to discover pieces of your story that surprise you.

And you get to debut pieces of your story that connect with real people.

A deep dive into the character analysis tool

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