Let's just get this out in the open. . . 

PARAGON™ is a private, invitation-only intensive for women who are serious about growing their business (and even more serious about doing it intentionally & profitably).

It's for women who aren't interested in quick fixes (because they've lived long enough to know those don't stand the test of time). 

And it's for women who believe they've been placed on this big blue marble to do something powerful and are beyond ready to do what it takes to make that happen. 

PARAGON™ isn't a course. 

It isn't a one-size-fits-all template for success. 

And it isn't a flashy sales program that will define your success by 6-figure months (though if that's where you want to go, we can get you there).

Instead, this is a going-to-the-mattresses intensive where we work together, one-on-one to help you flourish, to help you succeed, and to help you live out your purpose with bold, influential, and profitable impact. 

What will you find inside the doors of PARAGON™? 

First and foremost, you'll find YOURSELF - every strength that makes you stand out, every gift you need to leverage, and every dream you've been stashing away for far too long. 

It's also access to an amazing community of like-minded women who are pursuing intentional growth and encouraging one another to keep going in spite of all the obstacles that get in our way. 

12 months of focused and highly-relational coaching with me as we work together to put your purpose into action, build your audience, and grow your profit. 

And (one of my most favorite parts), because PARAGON™ begins with the creation of your very own DIAMOND STORY™, we'll have a clear plan from the beginning, keeping us on track and focused every step of the way. 

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering who in the heck you even are? 

just like you. 

But Lindsay, What's a DIAMOND STORY™?

True confession: I’m not a girl who likes to wear a lot of diamonds. I’m a simple country girl who loves bare feet in the grass and a slow sip of bourbon on the front porch.

And just like a perfect, paragon diamond, you are flawless because of your story. 

Perfected out of the fire and pressure of your journey - wholly original.

You’ve heard the Siren calls of the experts and gurus who want you to become their replica. 

But a diamond story invites you into something different.

It invites you to stop apologizing for the could haves and should haves

It invites you to see yourself as who you've been, who you are, and who you're becoming. 

And it invites you to build a brand that is wholly aligned to the rhythm of your heart. 

No more second guessing if you deserve a space in your industry. 

No more wondering if you've got what it takes. 

No more running from the parts of you that feel more square-peg than round-hole. 

If you're ready to build a brand that resonates with your heart, mind, and soul, then the way forward isn't through someone else's formula or a quick-and-easy template. 

Instead, it's time to dig deep beneath the layers of who you are and uncover your diamond story. 

No one is like you, and if you're ready to embrace that indisputable fact, then let's get started.

What does ensnare me, however, is the story of diamonds. 

Formed 100 miles below the surface of the earth, diamonds do their most important work in hiding. 

Fire. Pressure. Darkness. Explosion. 

Some take billions of years to form. Others take mere days. Beauty formed right beneath our feet. 

Each holding a special power to subdue kings, ignite the deepest passions, hypnotize the most watchful eye. 

How does PARAGON™ work? 

The Clarifier 


I’ll spend time reviewing all your hard, inner work from THE PURPOSE ACCELERATOR, and then, we'll look OUTWARD to discover EVEN MORE about your unique positioning. And the best part is, all the hard work is ON ME. 

I'll spend two weeks getting up close and personal with 3 other competitors in your space. I’ll look at their messaging, their lead magnets, their audience, their social media presence. And I’ll find key differences in their positioning versus yours, allowing you to fill the gaps and speak a message that resonates and feels authentic. 

I’ll also reach out to 3 of your past clients or close friends, inviting them to a 20 minute interview where we’ll talk about their relationship with you and the ways they perceive your greatest strengths.

Oftentimes, these conversations reveal powerful insights on your KEY strengths (the ones you may be likely to diminish or overlook), and they allow us to gain a more holistic perspective on exactly how to position you for success.

You’ll receive ALL the transcripts (if you want them), and you will absolutely be able to use them for future messaging gold as you start to build out your website and other marketing messaging. 



Your DIAMOND STORY™  is a comprehensive and highly personal declaration that tells every detail that makes you unique + authentic.  Its purpose is to serve as your authentic code, and it is your step-by-step plan to turning your purpose into profit.

Your DIAMOND STORY™  will show you how to turn your purpose into profitable impact by giving clarity and strategy on. . . 

Your Purpose 
Your Values 
Your Promise 
Your Voice

Your Distinctives 
Your Story
Your Community
Your Impact

Every page of the your DIAMOND STORY™  will clarify your vision, drive your messaging, and guide you (and your team) as you scale and grow your business. 

Most importantly, it will keep you focused, confident, and inspired, making sure that the only shiny object you chase is the unique, unshakeable purpose that you've finally stepped up and claimed.  


You'll even walk away with wireframe copy for your HOMEPAGE & copy starters for your ABOUT & SERVICES PAGES.

This means that the majority of the copy you'll need for your website is ALREADY INCLUDED in the pages of your DIAMOND STORY™.  

Comprehensively define your values so you don't have to wonder how to authentically integrate them into your everyday and long-term business decisions 

Connect your purpose to a plan for profitable and sustainable impact

Learn all the hidden details about your audience, and connect the dots between YOUR purpose and your AUDIENCE'S needs and desires

Know how to handle your audience's objections (ie., how to convince them to invest in YOU)

Stop feeling like you have to sell your soul to the internet gurus who make empty promises of 6 and 7 figures 

Know how to talk about your strengths and share your story so your audience knows, likes, and trusts you 

Discover what sets you apart from your competitors (so you know how your purpose fills specific gaps in your market)

Hold a clear vision for building a business that you've dreamed about, a business that sounds, feels, and looks like you, and a business that makes a difference in your world while also delivering reliable profit to your bank account

You don't need a magic 8 ball to find success. 

You don't need to invest thousands of dollars on a desperate quest for the "right way of doing things." 

And you certainly don't need to work overtime to get in on the secret that only a few select and uber successful people know. (Truth? There isn't a secret, and there isn't a code to be cracked.) 

You just need a good (and smart) friend in your corner who's as invested in your success as you are. Hint: That's me. 


The THE VAULT™ is a 10-month intensive where we talk a lot about your goals and then we make an actionable, realistic plan to achieve them.

Meet with me EVERY SINGLE week for a group call where you & other women inside PARAGON™ dig into business building principles and then hold one another accountable to implementing those ideas into our own businesses 

Have access to me via Voxer so you can check in when you're facing an obstacle or need a quick word of encouragement or advice 

Join our private Slack channel where the PARAGON™ community is sharing their wins, their struggles, and their entire cadre of resources and network. (Did I mention how research shows that women who invest in women-only communities experience 250% more pay & more authority?) 

Submit your marketing collateral to me for review, insights, and good old-fashioned optimization (I'm also a conversion copywriter which means I'm highly trained in using words for profitable impact.) 

Schedule one-on-one calls with me each quarter for in-depth goal setting and reviews (plus, get one bonus call that you can schedule WHENEVER you need it most)

HERE's what's inside 



PARAGON™ is for women who who  are ready to stake their claim on clarity, confidence, and rock-solid direction.

So if you...

want a story that sounds like YOU (instead of everyone else)

want to build a strong foundation that won't shift and fall when the world gets wobbly 

want to learn how to speak about who you are and what you do with confidence, clarity, and authority 

want to discover how to spend your time standing OUT from the competition (instead of spinning wheels trying to keep UP with them)

want to partner with someone who will help you see the REAL you 

want to know exactly how to show up -- in your home, in your office, in your friendships, in your business, in your brand

...then welcome to PARAGON™.

pARAGON™ helps find your message and create your strategy without sacrificing an ounce of your core values. 

"Meeting Lindsay was a big win. Her energy is great and her expertise was really valuable to us. . . . If you need guidance and direction about making your copy more impactful, clear, and targeted at your audience while maintaining your core values you should ABSOLUTELY work with Lindsay."

- Jennie Rodgers 

PARAGON™ doesn’t make space for cookie cutter marketing practices (unless, of course, you’re actually making cookies). 

"Lindsay stands out from the rest and won't give a cookie-cutter solution. She will create work that's unique to you."

- Lauren Majors 

PARAGON™ is like that first friend who sees you deeply for the very first time. 

"I almost cried when I read my story for the first time. Not only was it powerful to read my thoughts in someone else’s words, Lindsay became a cheerleader, coach, and friend when I needed her most."

- Amy Paine  

PARAGON™ helps you create a brand that stands for something.

"How do you get the type of clarity and direction you need? You work with one of the top leaders in the online marketing industry. Lindsay f*ckin' Hotmire. There's no one like her. 

Lindsay is the go-to visionary who's demanding more from brands, and won't settle for mediocrity, formulas, and copycats. Work with Lindsay if you want to create a brand that stands for something, connects in a deep way, and moves through this world like nothing before.

I can't recommend Lindsay enough. She's the real-deal in a world full of wannabees."

- Kira Hug, Co-founder, The Copywriter Club 

With PARAGON™, you’ll receive...

Authenticity tools (like the worldview framework and The Johari Window) to help you build a business that feels authentic to you and resonates with your target audience.

Your very own Success Guide (think of this like a journal I send to you after each of our calls.) I'll lay out the important parts of our conversations that you won't want to forget and point you to resources that will help you uncover your wow factor. 

A Perfect-Audience Roadmap™ that reveals all the never-before-asked secrets from your audience (along with a Tell-All Report that highlights the need-to-know strengths and weaknesses of your competitors).

Your very own DIAMOND STORY™, a beautiful, digital + printable guide that will keep your vision and your actions aligned (even during the hardest days). Your DIAMOND STORY™ is packed with messaging nuggets that will simplify all of your other marketing collateral, from your about page to your service offerings.  

Wireframe copy to your homepage (plus copy starters for your About & Services pages) so you know how to capture your audience's attention right out of the gate. 

12 months of my intense and intentional focus on you, your heart, your messaging, your brand, and your success.


 IF YOU’RE READY TO Own your story and grow your business, let's get started.

ONe payment of $3900 + TEN  MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF
Your Purpose Is Bigger Than Dollars and Cents. 
It's pure heart and soul.

Have some questions?


Have some questions?


My Guarantee

PARAGON™ doesn’t promise 10X results, nor does it make the infomercial promise of “if you don’t see improvements in 30 days, you’ll get your $$ back.” 

PARAGON™ isn’t an infomercial. It is an investment, and it is real life. So my guarantee is simple: I show up as a relentless friend who is committed to helping you see clearly and confidently. 

I guarantee that if you do the work and show up for PARAGON™ in a deeply vulnerable, honest, and committed way, you will emerge with a clearer vision and a better understanding of who you are and what your brand needs to be.  

You will own your space in the market. 

You will own your powerful voice.

You will own your values. 

You will own your impact. 


With PARAGON™, you will spend the first two months building the foundational pieces of your brand.

And then, we'll dig in together over the next 10 months to help you turn every bit of your purpose into long-term and profitable success.