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A few weeks ago, I permanently closed my business Instagram account.  It was a decision I had been mulling over for months, but like a kid who can never escape the social pressures of junior high, I kept tuning in, kept playing the social capital game, kept trying to fit in to the Millennial-powered platform, […]

Why I left Instagram (as a business owner)

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With all its resolutions and its “words of the year” and its best intentions, the turn of a new year can feel overwhelming for lots of us. . . especially in a year like 2021.  Completely transparent: It’s been a smidge hard for me to step into any mode of excitement or expectation for the […]

The one question to ask NOW if you want to discover your purpose

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This week, I read The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr.  Without a smidgen of doubt, this is one of the best books I’ve read throughout 2020. (The 3.3 pages of notes in my Google folders lends some proof to that claim.)  What I’d really like to do is just share that Google doc with you. . . because […]

Is your story doing its job?

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It can be so hard to step back from the expected narrative of our lives, and even easier to describe ourselves with language that feels safe and proven.

But what might happen if you take just a moment to really think about the characters, the themes, the individual moments, and the conversations in your life>> the ones that have made life super hard and the ones that have made life super beautiful?

How to tell a better brand story

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