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Ever marvel at those people who can pull up a seat to the campfire and tell a story like nobody’s business? You sit there, hearing nothing but the crackle of the fire and feeling the heat of its flame glow against your face, and you wonder, “Why can this person tell such a fabulous story […]

3 Ways to Unleash the Brand Story You Need to Tell

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Let’s face it.  Writing web copy as a woman business owner isn’t always as cut and dried as the step-by-step templates would have us believe.  Most of us have lived LAYERS of life, and figuring out how to draw the line between our lives as mom, as partner, as friend, AND as business woman can […]

3 truths every woman business owner needs to know before writing website copy

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A few weeks ago, I permanently closed my business Instagram account.  It was a decision I had been mulling over for months, but like a kid who can never escape the social pressures of junior high, I kept tuning in, kept playing the social capital game, kept trying to fit in to the Millennial-powered platform, […]

Why I left Instagram (as a business owner)

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With all its resolutions and its “words of the year” and its best intentions, the turn of a new year can feel overwhelming for lots of us. . . especially in a year like 2021.  Completely transparent: It’s been a smidge hard for me to step into any mode of excitement or expectation for the […]

The one question to ask NOW if you want to discover your purpose

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