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It’s a weird phenomenon, really >> this fact that for so many of us, drawing the throughline between our stories and our brands can feel. . .  grueling impossible frustrating tiring hopeless pointless [fill in the blank]. I’m sure there’s some super smart psychological explanation for all of this H.A.R.D., too, but brass tacks, real […]

Two Ways to Find Your Brand Story

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Imagine with me for a hot second that the moment you took your very first breath and cried your first hello to the world, the doctor looked at your mom and said, “Congratulations! Here’s the minute-by-minute guide on how to raise this child. It’s worked with the last 300 children I’ve delivered, so it’s guaranteed […]

With brand story, it’s always personal

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In middle school, I was the kid on the hot, sweaty dance floor who never knew a single lyric to a single song.  In the moment, it all felt a little bit devastating, but in retrospect, my ignorance was all by design. Growing up, listening to the radio didn’t quite qualify as “evil,” but my […]

Be the fool

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Have you ever noticed how an orange changes depending on how you eat it?   Peel it, and your mouth salivates in anticipation as you peel layer by layer – white pulp underneath your fingertips, stinging the small, indiscernible cuts burrowed beneath your fingernails. The entire room fills with the most intoxicating smell as tiny sprays […]

Oranges, Emmett Till, and Brand Story

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