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In my faith tradition, there is a story about men who tried to build a tower to heaven. Life had not quite become what they believed it would be, so rather than trusting in their God, they took matters into their own hands. It didn’t turn out well.  Their efforts didn’t entice God to step […]

Babel, pixels, and the beauty of humanity

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Micro-stressors – The big things that would have been tiny things pre-2020; also responsible for road rage and internet rage and mass dysfunctional humanity  These last two years have been chock to the brim full with them – for all of us.  It’s as if the world has become a giant red reverse arrow. Everything […]

Life (in reverse)

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When author Fonda Lee sits down to write a story, she makes no apology for the pretend worlds she’s building. As a sci-fi author, she’s not exactly invested in truth telling. In fact, it’s safe to say that her entire livelihood rests upon her ability to tell the most outlandish stories.  When I think about […]

We’re building real worlds here

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// It started with Jonathan Gottschall // “You spend 6 years of your life dreaming,” he says in his book, Storytelling Animal.  2,190 days running away from our enemies, crashing in cars, getting killed by strangers, showing up naked in high schools.  Our dreams are rife with struggle, and for good reason, says Gottschall.  They’re […]

What are you going to do with your 8.2 years?

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Story Prompts