Brand storytelling for everyday business owners who are doing phenomenally good things

Brand storytelling for everyday business owners who are doing phenomenally good things

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“We’ve been in business for years, and our website just isn’t telling our story. We don’t even know where to begin or how to fix it.” 

“We DIY’d our web copy and we know it’s not great. We need a storyteller who can help us find a message that will reach our audience.” 

“I’ve been overwhelmed for so long. I can’t even begin to sort out my message on my own.” 

“I hired a copywriter and spent a lot of money, but she never quite understood who we are or where we’re wanting to go.” 

There's a reason you feel like this

First, a little blunt honesty


Marketing has sucked the soul out of story

We’ve turned storytelling into clicks and likes and short-lasting fame. 

We’ve made it about formulas and frameworks and fill-in-the-blank templates, celebrating the quick route to the end over the long journey that it took to get there in the first place. 

I learned this lesson the hard way. 

Six years ago, I was hired by an agency to write copy for a rebranding project. 

The agency wanted quick over meaningful, efficient over true, so they pressured their entire creative team to write the story they thought should exist (rather than the one that was true). 

We couldn’t talk to the company founder. 

We couldn’t ask hard questions about assumptions the agency had already made. 

We couldn’t introduce new and bold ideas. 

And in the end, we created a beautiful product that didn’t align one bit with the company’s direction. 

Three months and tens of thousands of dollars later, the company scrapped their website and started over from scratch.

No one on the creative team was surprised.

I don’t know how all that landed with the agency who had hired me, but I do know that I swore I’d never partner with an agency like that again. 

Storytelling is soul work. 

It demands hard conversations, meaningful connections, and up-close looks beneath the layers of our skin. 

It requires us to think seriously about the way we’re living out our values and to acknowledge when our perceptions might not be reality. 

When you commit to it, it promises to change you. 

And even more, it promises to change your audience, too. 

So if you’re looking for a story that connects you to the people you long to reach the most, then let’s talk. We’ve got some soul work to do. 

and something tells you there's Got to be another way

Before we can talk about your audience. . . 

And before we can talk about growing your authority. . . 

We have to talk about YOU. 

The things that make you tick. 

The things that make you tock. 

And all the things that make you see the world in the ever-so-special way that only you can see it. 

Using THE UNbrand METHOD® as our guide, we'll explore all the parts of your story that make you powerful and unique, and then, we'll turn those stories into web copy that just might take your breath away. 

And that's not hyperbole, either. . . 

Your brand story begins with YOU


Here's what others have to say about working with me

Andrea littell,andrea littell consulting

"If you’re thinking about working with Lindsay, just do it! And be prepared to cry... in the best kind of way."

Before working with Lindsay, I felt like I was at a tipping point. I had spent the past few years honing my craft and growing my business while I was navigating a lot of personal ups and downs. I had been working (and maybe even hiding) in the background. No marketing. Not even a fully functional website. For a while that low profile worked for me. But now I'm ready to use my voice more... build more authority... own my expertise. However, I was having a hard time aligning my work with what truly moves me as a human being. Spotting the connections and themes like I do for my own clients.

Working with Lindsay, I felt energized, grounded, and seen. It gave me clarity on how the aspects of my work + passions can align together beautifully. . . plus the inspiration I needed to finally get my damn website done. :)

"Hire her. Don't look back."


No one else understood what I was trying to accomplish and where I wanted to go. She heard me and opened my eyes to blind spots and ways I wasn't owning my space and accomplishments. 

I had lost track of the forward steps I had made and when she reminded me that I was currently where I was supposed to be in this process, I felt relief and a newfound energy to push on. If you've got the ideas and don't feel like you're showing up the way you'd like to be, she will help you realize the steps so that you are able to. Lindsay listens, is patient, objective, thinks through all the layers and above all, motivates you along the way because she gets it! Hire her-don't look back. She is well worth the investment and more. You will be grateful you took the leap to let her listen, guide and ultimately, build a lasting, trusting relationship that will help you grow for years to come!

Rachel fry, legal wellness consultant 

"We fully funded the Kickstarter in 2 weeks."

Not only was it powerful to read my thoughts in someone else's words, Lindsay became a cheerleader, coach and friend when I needed her most.

I don't consider myself an exceptionally eloquent person. . .and I hate selling. Lindsay so quickly got me and my project.

We fully funded the Kickstarter in 2 weeks, and my emails had the highest click-through rating with her copywriting talent, compared to the emails I wrote myself. I also noticed people started using the language from the Kickstarter campaign in their own posts. . . So it truly did resonate with the audience and was memorable.

I'm so thankful for Lindsay and know I made the right decision bringing her on as part of my launch team. I honestly don't know if it would have been as successful without her expertise.

amy paine, the just me project

"Wowza. . . that's a frickin' awesome home page." 


I read through each piece and am experiencing of myriad of emotions, Lindsay. Everything from...holy bananas...she really gets is off the charts amazing how she was able to pull these insights and experience out of the conversations she had and create two brilliant case's a frickin' awesome home page.

You asked us great questions, you heard us, you asked our clients great questions, and you heard them...and took this enormous amount of data points and ran it through your super smarts and wrote content we could never have done. You made us real, tangible, guys who just want to help. Absolutely amazing. You orbit a distant moon of awesome! You're the best content strategist and writer someone could hire for their project. No one else will make them feel the way you do - or - deliver what you will deliver.

stephen woessner, ceo, predictive roi

This is more than story. It's the lifeline to your business. 

Here's how it works 

A 6-week brand storytelling intensive that HELPS YOU boldly define the heartbeat of your brand 

Your Brand Story Guide is a comprehensive and highly personal declaration that tells every detail that makes you and your business unique + authentic. 

Your Brand Story Guide will provide clarity and strategy on. . . 

Your Purpose 
Your Values 
Your Promise 
Your Voice

Your Story
Your UNIQUE Impact

Its purpose is to serve as your authentic code, the DNA to every word your brand speaks and every action it takes.

Every page of the your Brand Story Guide will clarify your vision, drive your mission, and shape your messaging. 

And you'll walk away with the
3 most-visited pages of your website copy.

Boldly declare your core values and know how to talk about them with your team + your audience (and live them out in every space, every day)

Explain your brand purpose and promise in a way that distinguishes yourself from your competitors

Intimately understand your audience and know how to craft offers and messages that help them know, like, and trust you

Know exactly what to do so you can keep showing up authentically in your space and align with the right-fit clients

Get clear on how to talk about who you are and what you do so you can build your authority in your space

WITH YOUR Brand STORy Guide, YOU’LL BE ready TO...

apply now


DURING our time together, YOU WILL...

Meet with me in-person at least two times via Zoom. These meetings last one to two hours, and sometimes they’ll go longer just so we can make sure to leave no stone uncovered.

Have access to me via email to follow-up on any questions that may come up during our 6 weeks together.

Use Trello and Google Drive to keep us on time, on track, and completely organized. 

 you’ll also receive...

Authenticity tools (like the worldview framework and The Johari Window) to help you create a message that feels authentic to you and resonates with your target audience.

A Perfect-Audience Roadmap™ that shows you how to reach your audience and how to talk to them so they keep coming back (along with a Tell-All Report that shows you where you have the edge over your competitors).

Your very own Brand Story Guide, a beautiful, digital + printable guide that will keep your vision and your actions aligned (even during the hardest days). Your Brand Story Guide is packed with messaging nuggets that will simplify all of your other marketing collateral, from your about page to your service offerings.  

Website copy to your Home, About & Services pages, so you know how to capture your audience's attention right out of the gate. 

6 weeks of my intense and intentional focus on you, your heart, your messaging, your brand, and your success.

IF YOU’RE READY for a brand story that helps you connect to your audience in meaningful, relevant ways. . . let's get started.

"Lindsay's process was the key to our success." 
Lindsay is the absolute best! She has the unique ability to simplify the complex. When I have worked with others in the past trying to write website content, I felt like we got off track of our messaging as we tried to reduce the word count and streamline the message. With Lindsay, the message became more powerful, my story more applicable and alive, and our services spot on and understandable. Lindsay's process was the key to our success and we truly had a lot of fun together!

Ed Molitor, CEO, The molitor group

My Guarantee

My guarantee is simple: I show up as a relentless friend who is committed to helping you see clearly and confidently. 

I guarantee that if you do the work and show up in a deeply honest and committed way, you will emerge with a clearer vision and a better understanding of who you are and what your brand story needs to be.  

You will own your space in the market. 

You will own your powerful voice.

You will own your values. 

You will own your impact.